Areas of Work

Sahyog has been committed to build a community based model: linking education to the community’s need and concerns. We believe that the pathway to improving the marginalised status of communities is through social change. Education is the cornerstone of the social change process.

Empowering Girls and Women

Sahyog has a comprehensive vision of empowerment for girls and women, based on the belief that they have the capacity to change themselves, their families and their communities. We conduct skills training to develop in them a critical understanding of themselves and their environment, equip them to become valuable members of their families and communities, and introduce them to opportunities in the social sector. Through the Jhula life skills programme girls understand their bodies, their world and make meaning of their lives. The Umang  programme is geared towards young women pursuing higher education and strives to help them better understand the world around them to empower them to actively make choices that shape their lives.

Disability Intervention

Children and adolescents with disabilities need much more than medical treatment and remedial education. Sahyog has developed a community-based alternative for special education and integration into the formal system, where they can develop the skills to live as full individuals and participate in the life of their family and community. We also work with their families and community to give them the support, education and skills to enable them to give their children fuller lives.

Sankalp works toward early identification of developmental delays and disabilities and remediation. Sangharsh is a community based education and rehabilitation centre working towards the holistic development of children and adolescents with disabilities.

Enrichment Education

Access to good quality education is a key resource needed by marginalised communities for their development. Depending on the age and the needs of the group, supplementary education may take the form of implementing a reading promotion programme, transacting a supplementary curriculum, or conducting adult literacy classes.

Roshan provides enrichment education to children in underserved communities through its community library and mobile library programme. English Literacy Programme are offered to children to supplement their academic learning.