Since 2015, the Sankalp team has reached out to over 2122 families. 

In 2015, Sahyog and Ummeed Child Development Centre collaborated to launch Sankalp, a community-based Early Child Development and Disability Programme in and around Narayan Nagar, Ghatkopar. The Sankalp team comprises of 16 Community Health Workers (CHWs) and 3 Supervisors recruited from the community, to reach out to  700- 800 families with children in the age group 0-3 years.

What We Do

Home Visits

Community Health Workers visit families every month to evaluate the development of newborns and toddlers and talk to caregivers about their child’s development. The development is monitored by using the Guide for Monitoring Child Development (GMCD), an internationally validated and family-centric tool; caregivers are asked to describe their child and the concerns they may have. The guidance and suggestions offered by the CHWs to enhance the child’s development ensure that the caregivers are consulted and actively involved in thinking about their child’s development.

Community engagement

Various stakeholders of the community are encouraged to participate in events and meetings that are organised by the team, for fostering the development of their community’s youngest members.

Anthropometric Camps

Biannual camps are held to monitor the child's height, weight and hemoglobin.


Children showing developmental delays are referred to local medical and rehabilitation resources as well as those in the immediate neighbourhood which have been identified by the Sankalp team while mapping the community.

Support Visits

Additional support visits are made to homes of caregivers whose children display delays in their developmental milestones.

Why We Do It

Through this programme our team strives for early identification and detection of developmental disabilities and delays. This enables the child to receive rehabilitative intervention in her/his formative years and ensures better developmental outcomes for the child.