“Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much”
- Helen Keller
“I had an amazing experience volunteering at Sahyog. I was fortunate to take part in both vibrancy and Sangharsh school activities. The weekly vibrancy sessions had different themes that involved art and craft activities to help understand concepts better. These sessions always included games to keep the energy levels high. The kids loved when we had team activities. What’s more we even had an annual day and science day camp. All in all I loved the whole journey and can’t wait to go back one day for more!”

– Surabhi Pillai (2016) MSc in Geology from St Xavier’s College


Give the gift of volunteering

“Share your passion, talents and time to spread smiles and make a difference.”

Volunteer with the Roshan Library

  • Volunteer in our vibrant library and support our eager and enthusiastic children as they discover their love for reading and realise their hidden potentials.
  • • Help children learn to read
  • • Conduct story telling sessions
  • • Introduce children to the world of music
  • • Help create art and displays for the library
  • • Share you interests and passion with children through diverse activities

Volunteer with the Sangharsh centre

  • Volunteer at the centre for children with disabilities and while helping children master basic skills you may discover a few hidden talents of your own.
  • • Conduct music and dance sessions with children
  • • Exercise your artistic abilities and help teachers create teaching aids
  • • Join us and help make celebrations extra special at Sangharsh
  • • Teach computers skills
  • • Help children learn vocational skills
  • • Accompany children to vocational centres and help them develop independent living skills
  • • Assist parents and children access medical and therapeutic services

Join the Sahyog Volunteer Programme today

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“Roshan, Sahyog’s library in Goregaon East, was a brilliant place to volunteer. I saw it grow from one small room behind a meat shop with few irregular children to an organised library in a building with regular, determined children. It gave me great pride to teach these children because of their enthusiasm and fervour to learn and succeed. I was very impressed and inspired by the library’s efforts to cultivate the children’s open-mindedness by holding discussions about gender and income equality. I was especially impressed with the number of girls who used to come to the library, and very happy that I was helping improve India’s female literacy rate. The excited children, and welcoming and helpful teachers really made my long journey from Bandra worth it. I was very sad to learn that the centre had closed down because I was really looking forward to work with the children after my exams, however I am very happy that Sahyog is taking great efforts to continue supporting these children with their mobile library. As my first experience with Service, I had made many mistakes, especially in terms of punctuality, but I have learned that Service is only meaningful when done with compassion and altruism. This lesson has helped me get immersed in my other Service opportunities and will remain with me in the years to come.”

Niharika Dighe (2016) Student of Dhirubhai Ambani International School