SAM (Sahyog Scholarship-Mentorship Programme)

Initiated in June 2017, SAM has reached out to 25 beneficiaries

Our experience of conducting life skills with adolescent girls and young women from low-income communities, has led us to believe that both scholarship and mentorship are vital to support girls’ secondary and higher education. Financial assistance is necessary to ensure that despite socio-economic struggles of the family, a girl will complete secondary education and pursue higher education. Similarly personalised guidance and support to deal with academic and personal challenges play an important role in girls developing confident, well-rounded personalities. This can be achieved through mentorship. Sahyog has therefore initiated a Scholarship-Mentorship Programme since June 2017. Through this programme we are supporting a cohort of 25 girls belonging to the Narayan Nagar Community. These include 10 girls pursuing Junior College, 12 pursuing Secondary School and 3 pursuing Graduation/professional courses. For the Mentorship Programme offered to the Junior College students we have partnered with Mentor Together which has been working in this field since 2009. For this group the mentoring involves a one to one interaction based on a curriculum created by Mentor Together which has 53 sessions spread over a period of 1 year focusing on work skills. The mentors are all women who have achieved academic success, have varied interests, and work experience. The school going mentees are mentored in-house through fortnightly group mentoring sessions covering life skills. Exposure visits to enhance learning and workshops on relevant topics like gender also form an important part of the programme.